Services Overview

Custumized services are provided at North Star facility.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation.
  • Individual, personalized treatment planning.
  • Individual Psychotherapy.
  • Board Certified Psychiatrists.
  • Group Psychotherapy.
  • Addiction Treatment.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program.
  • Acute Partial Care Program.
  • Recovery Coaching.
  • Family Counseling.
  • Couples Therapy.
  • Wellness and Recovery Action Planning.
  • Motivational Programs.
  • IMR(Illness Management Recovery).
  • Psycho-education groups.
  • Assessment of treatment outcomes.
  • Assessment of patient satisfaction.
Mental Health and Addiction Solutions
Every day life, increasing pressures, high demands and responsibilities on individuals both external and self imposed, life stressors, family dysfunction all can lead to isolation and at times to a downward spiral of burnout, fatigue and depression. Our society tends to produce mass dysfunction.
NorthStar Health Systems seeks to provide solutions in the areas of Mental health and Addiction and our goal is to help individuals gain an understanding of these problems and restore quality of life, independence and happiness.

We'll Make It Work For You
NorthStar Health Systems provides outpatient care with a solution-focused approach to promote Mental Health and treat Addiction.
The NorthStar team is made of experienced dedicated professionals in the field of Mental Health and Addiction. Each person involved in our programs is evaluated to determine personal and specific needs and in collaboration with our team, an individualized 'treatment plan' is created.
Our Programs:
Mental Health Programs
Addiction Programs

Our Facility

We have created a professional and relaxing enviorment for our patients.